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How to find water leaks

3 Signs of a leaking pipe and how to find water leaks

How to find water leaks

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Water leaks can cause damage to your home, often causing damage that is difficult to repair and expensive. However, it is sometimes difficult to know that there is a loss until the damage has already been done. If you suspect you need plumbing leak repairs, call Preston Urgent Plumber – or just want to know how to spot one before it becomes a bigger problem – take a look at these three signs you should keep in mind:


Whether you live in a brand-new or century-old home, your plumbing fixtures can make a multitude of noises, from rattling to gurgling and more. However, there is one sound in particular that you should listen to that could indicate a loss: hissing.

The hissing sound is generally a sign that a valve is not closing properly in some parts of the plumbing system – homeowners often notice the sound in the toilet tank or it comes from their water heater. If the sound comes from your bathroom, put a couple of drops of food coloring in your aquarium, then look at the bowl to see if the color is leaking into the water there. If it does, you have a water leak.


Mold grows due to excessive humidity, dampness and standing water, so if you have a leak in your home that causes one of these, mold and mildew are a sure sign. You should also look for dark stains on your ceiling (especially if they are getting larger), crinkled wall paper, peeling paint or warping floors. All of these could be caused by water damage from a leaking pipe.


The plumbing that runs through and around people’s homes is extensive. So sometimes the only way someone knows there is a leak is because their water bill starts to rise. If you think you have one, here is a practical way to confirm it: look at your main water meter and note the level you see. Then, turn off the main shut-off valve for several hours and do not use water during this time. Check the meter again – if it’s lower than before, you have a leak.

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