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Types and styles of bathrooms

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There are a number of different types of toilets, and therefore you need to be fully aware of what can and cannot be fitted in your bathroom before you go out and buy a bathroom.

Ideally, a plumber may need to be hired to check what type of toilet you have because it depends on where the cold water is and how you prepare the bathroom at the moment.

We often take the bathroom for granted, but they are definitely a necessity, without which you could be in a bit of a conflict. Therefore, take some time to decide on which toilet to buy, as good value would be worth its long-term value.

With such a range of styles and designs available, it can be difficult to know where to start. This guide will explain the available and popular options and tell you everything you need to know to find the perfect bathroom for your bathroom.

Types and styles of bathrooms

Closed toilets

Plumbing Services in Preston: A closed toilet has two separate ceramic pieces: the cistern and the pan. On the top of the pan mounts the tank. It typically has a double-wire button and in some models a lever handle.

These are the most common types of toilets. They come with a large number of designs, shapes and styles. They are usually the cheapest options in terms of purchase and installation. So as you choose your model, let your personal sense of style shine through.

Features and Benefits:

  • The fastest and cheapest option in terms of installation
  • Wide range of shapes and styles
  • The exhaust pipe usually comes out to the left, right, bottom or back

Wall toilet

These toilet units are ideal for creating a modern and minimalist look. Have the cistern hidden in the wall or incorporate a piece of furniture to provide a neat finish and also provide a clever way to maximize wardrobe space. Some concealed cisterns measure 10 cm or less in depth, so the overall depth is less than a one-piece toilet.

If it is necessary to adjust or repair the tank, access is via a panel mounted inside the bathroom furniture or via a flush plate, installed on the wall. Either way, maintenance is usually not much more difficult than a standard toilet.

Features and Benefits:

  • It offers a sleek, contemporary look at a lower price than a wall-hung toilet
  • Perfect for use with a furniture run.
  • Create a delusion of space in the bathroom with less clutter
  • Easier to install as no support frame is needed.
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Comfort height toilet

Designed to make it more comfortable for the user, these toilets are 4 or 5 cm higher than a normal bathroom.

The extra height might not seem like a big difference, but for slightly taller people, elderly people or people in difficulty, it makes getting up and down the toilet much easier.

Features and Benefits:

  • The elevated sitting position makes it easier to sit up and stand up
  • Less pressure on the knees and other lower body joints
  • Easy access for both the elderly and the less well off.

Toilet seats

Together with the toilet unit, it may be necessary to think about the choice of the toilet seat. Most toilets include seating, using the simple and convenient quick release design for easy assembly. However, it is also possible to choose seats with slow closing, which make the release and closing of the lid smooth, without sudden burrs, reducing wear.

Depending on the style of the bathroom, there are a range of colour or finish choices, such as solid oak, walnut effect or classic white. The seats are available in various other materials, including thermoplastic, with a durable, high-quality finish and is easy to maintain and Thermoset, a luxury polymer. Call Preston Plumbing Services.

Hidden toilet suite

If you have a hidden system, please make sure you have an accessible panel. Without this, maintenance cannot be carried out easily. You can ask the Preston Plumbing team to help you with this on 01772231775

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