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How do you unblock a blocked toilet in Preston?

Frequent toilet problems and what you can do about them

blocked toiletIf your toilet is blocked, you should act quickly and contact us immediately. A blocked toilet can lead to sewage backing up, which encourages the spread of germs and bacteria and can pose a health risk. And will cause considerable damage to your property. Contact us now and our specialist plumbing team will help you solve the problem quickly and effectively.

Frequent toilet problems and what you can do about them

The main causes of toilet problems

1. Lawbreaking toilet

You can recognize a leaking toilet by the fact that water escapes from it and forms a puddle. This is due to the wax ring that sits on the connecting piece on the toilet floor and seals it. It can be replaced, but the toilet has to be completely dismantled. But don’t worry, it’s quicker than you think.

2. Blocked toilet

Everyone is familiar with blockages. We at are always on hand if you have a blockage and are unable to clear it yourself. First, try a plunger, which you can use to clear the blockage by moving it up and down. If this has no effect, you can get a drainage spiral from the DIY store or contact the cleaning service.

3. The toilet does not flush

If the toilet no longer flushes properly, various things can be the cause. Here are the 3 most common ones:

Low water level in the cistern
If the flush only achieves an unusual performance and can only be operated weakly, you can place a bucket of water in the toilet to force the flush.

Damaged baffle plate
The flapper is a toilet component that regulates the amount of water that flows out of the cistern. If there is a fault or damage, it no longer closes properly, and the water runs out continuously. It must be replaced to restore the desired flushing performance.

Blocked toilet
If you use a lot of toilet paper or throw things into the toilet that don’t belong there, the toilet may become blocked. The only thing that helps here is a plunger or a spiral from the DIY store. If this does not help, you will need to contact Emergency Plumber Preston.

4. A loose toilet handle

If only the toilet handle is broken or loose, it is easy to replace. Here are two possible solutions for your particular problem:

  • Reconnect the lift wire that connects the lift arm to the flapper.
  • Adjust the fixing nut of the handle inside the tank. It has a reverse thread that requires an anti-clockwise turn to tighten.

5. Bowl empties slowly

A slow flow of water may indicate a blockage on the one hand, but on the other hand it may also indicate damage to the nozzle holes located on the inside rim of the toilet. They clog easily or allow deposits to build up, which reduces the flushing pressure. Use a mineral remover and apply it directly to the holes. Then use a screwdriver to remove the minerals from all the holes.

6. Your toilet runs permanently

If your toilet doesn’t stop running and the flushing noise is permanent, you should act quickly. Every litter of water that drains away costs money. This may be due to the baffle plate of the toilet or because the water level in the cistern is too high. Replace the baffle plate or the refill valves, which you can buy at any DIY store.

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